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In Which Circumstances Can a Family Law Attorney Help?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Family law can be a maze filled with challenges and complexities. That’s precisely why having someone by your side, legally speaking, is so important. It’s about safeguarding your rights and interests in the moments that matter most. Divorce, particularly its intertwining issues and emotionally charged situations, often requires a deft touch and deep legal knowledge. If you’re in South Alabama, this is where a family law attorney in Baldwin County can be your steadfast ally, guiding you through every challenge and decision.

What Does Family Law Cover?

Well, it isn’t just one thing—family law deals with a broad spectrum of issues. And, as we’ve already mentioned, one of the heaviest hitters in this arena is divorce. As you may be aware, Alabama’s divorce rate is high (the third highest of all the states), and with divorce come life-changing consequences and complexities.

A Family Law Attorney’s Areas of Expertise

A family law attorney at the Powell Law Firm will know your rights and be able to represent you and your best interests in any of these circumstances:


Alabama’s divorce rate brings issues like adultery, abuse, and abandonment to the forefront. But, no matter the reason for a divorce, even if it’s an uncontested divorce, each one is different and has legal intricacies.

Child Custody

We’re talking about the future of your little ones here (or not-so-little ones if you have high-school or college-age kids who still need parental care). From sole to joint custody, determining what’s best for the child is the goal. It’s not always easy, so the help of a child custody lawyer makes a huge difference.

Child Support

In Alabama, state guidelines cover various factors, ensuring fair and just child support arrangements and, where applicable, child support payment.

Child Visitation

We firmly believe in the value of both parents in a child’s life, wherever that has been deemed to be in the child’s best interests. Courts look at many factors when deciding on child visitation rights, always aiming for the child’s well-being.

Division of Assets and Debts

Splitting assets and debts is not about simply dividing things in half; it’s about fairness. Even the reasons for the divorce can play a role here.

Retirement Funds

Retirement funds are a significant asset, and the laws around how to split them up are intricate. It’s a nuanced area where legal expertise counts.


Alimony isn’t always a given. Several factors, from income to the length of the marriage, play a role in whether or not it’s on the table.

Grandparents’ Rights

Alabama law has started to recognize the pivotal role grandparents can play in a child’s life. A divorce lawyer can guide you through this evolving area of family law.


Court decisions aren’t mere suggestions; there are repercussions for not following them. When an ex-spouse doesn’t comply, a family law office can help you take the necessary legal steps.

Why Choose Powell Law Firm?

We’ve been in Gulf Shores, South Alabama, for years and therefore deeply understand its people and their needs when it comes to legal services. We’ve also built up a solid network of professional relationships with local social workers and family court officials. With all these decades of experience, every aspect of Alabama family law, from your parental rights to child custody and the division of assets, is second nature to us. Our priority is protecting you, especially when children are involved. Your rights are worth safeguarding, and we’re here for that.

Take Some Stress Out of Your Family Law Case

You get fair negotiation and representation with us, especially when dealing with an uncooperative or violent spouse. Our aim? Settling disputes efficiently and keeping those stressful court appearances to a minimum.

The Value of Timely Legal Assistance

Waiting too long to seek legal advice? That can backfire. The earlier we can step in, the better positioned you’ll be to ensure your rights aren’t left hanging in the balance.

Get a Free Consultation with a Family Law Attorney in Baldwin County

Navigating these waters alone is no stroll in the park. Why not have a chat with us? Our consultations are free, and our commitment to your best interests is unwavering. At the Powell Law Firm, we’re with you every step of the way.

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