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In the United States, everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence. Still, there are
instances where a person, despite being innocent, is found guilty in a criminal case.

A dedicated criminal defense attorney, knowledgeable in both criminal law and criminal
defense in Baldwin County, will work tirelessly to maintain your freedom.

No matter the charge, The Powell Law Firm is committed to providing the best legal services.
Our criminal defense law firm is here to offer the legal advice and representation you
need to prove your innocence. We make sure to set you up with an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Baldwin, County.

You Need Legal Help When Facing a Criminal Charge. Period.

Don't gamble with your freedom! The defense of your case is paramount.

Local Defense Is Crucial

When facing charges in Mobile County or Baldwin County, the significance of hiring a local criminal defense lawyer cannot be overstated. Familiarity with the local officers, municipal court proceedings, the district court system, and local law enforcement can greatly benefit your case. Our criminal lawyers in Baldwin County take pride in being experts in their craft.

Criminal Defense Experience

The Powell Law Firm attorneys have a keen understanding of criminal defense law in Alabama. This includes up-to-date knowledge of all local and state criminal codes. It's essential to have an criminal defense attorney who has experience with your specific type of criminal charge.

Engaging with an experienced criminal defense law firm in the local area, like ours, enhances your chances of a favorable outcome. We're dedicated to your defense and ensuring your rights are protected.

Our Approach to Criminal Defense

Our defense lawyers will:

  • Challenge any illegal evidence.

  • Investigate every facet of your case to uncover crucial evidence.

  • Interview all parties involved, including police and potential witnesses.

  • Bring forward witnesses to testify in your defense.

  • Develop a robust defense strategy tailored to your case.

  • Collaborate with the assistant district attorney to negotiate reduced charges or sentences.

Our criminal defense attorney team handles a variety of cases, including but not limited to drug offenses, DUI defense, domestic violence, manslaughter, and murder.

From Misdemeanors to Major Crimes, Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Here for You

Facing a criminal charge, whether it's a drug charge or a property crime, can be overwhelming.


Our attorneys are here to provide guidance, reassurance, and a solid defense strategy. Let us shoulder the burden of your lawyer selection and legal worries.

  • Drug Crimes

  • Violent Crimes

  • Sex Crimes

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • White Collar Crime

  • Possession of Marijuana

  • DUI

  • Domestic Violence

  • Manslaughter

  • Murder

Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Attorneys?

Facing a criminal charge can be a daunting and life-altering experience, and navigating the complexities of criminal law requires the expertise of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table, ensuring your rights are protected every step. From DUI defense to more serious allegations like federal crimes and drug offenses, a skilled criminal attorney understands the nuances of the law and the intricacies of the justice system. They work tirelessly to build a robust defense strategy, challenging evidence presented by law enforcement and questioning the legality of any procedural missteps. The benefit of working with such a dedicated defense attorney is immeasurable.


Moreover, the law office of The Powell Law Firm in Baldwin County is not just a place for legal advice; it's a sanctuary where clients are treated with respect and empathy. Unlike a public defender who may be juggling numerous cases simultaneously, a private criminal defense attorney can offer personalized attention to your case, ensuring every detail is meticulously examined. This level of dedication can make a significant difference in the outcome of your criminal defense case, whether you're facing a minor probation violation or a serious charge for a federal crime that could impact your future. In addition to their legal expertise, criminal lawyers often have established relationships within the legal community. When it comes to defending against criminal charges, the experience and personal commitment of a criminal defense lawyer can be your most valuable asset, offering not only legal representation but also peace of mind during your criminal defense case.

FAQs For Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

1. What Happens after an arrest?

After an arrest, the individual is typically taken to the police station for booking. Procedures may include gathering fingerprints, personal details, and other pertinent information. The individual may be detained, necessitating an appearance before the state court or a United States district court. It's advisable to consult experienced criminal lawyers for guidance during this process.

2. Do Arrested Individuals Have to Speak to The Police?

No. Federal and State laws, backed by the US Constitution, protect the rights of the arrested. Deciding to speak with the police should be made in consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

3. What Occurs After Criminal Charges Are Filed?

Typically, after an arrest and the filing of criminal charges, an arraignment follows. Here, the individual will hear the charges and can enter a plea. Conditions of release, including potential bail, will also be discussed. It's crucial to have a criminal defense attorney present for representation during your criminal defense case.

4. What Is a Preliminary Hearing?

In Alabama, following a Felony arrest, a Preliminary Hearing takes place. This hearing involves the defense and prosecuting attorneys presenting before the Court, which determines the course of action in the Superior Court. Working with an experienced criminal lawyer in Baldwin County is crucial for your success.

5. Misdemeanor vs. Felony: What's the Difference?

Misdemeanors are less severe offenses, punishable by less than a year's imprisonment. Felonies carry heavier penalties, often exceeding a year. Both can impact your criminal record, underscoring the need for a criminal defense attorney.

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Serving Baldwin County

Facing a criminal charge? Looking for the right criminal attorney? Your future and criminal record are at stake. Work with an experienced and professional criminal lawyer in Baldwin County. The ramifications can be extensive, whether it's family law issues, a DUI, or a drug offense. The Powell Law Firm PC has represented individuals from various walks of life, from locals to Gulf Shores vacationers. Our Criminal defense attorneys of Baldwin County appreciate and look forward to new clients. 

Looking for "criminal lawyers near me?" 

We are frequently the go-to for residents of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. The Powell Law Firm, P.C.

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