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Baldwin County's Most Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers

criminal defense powell law

The Powell Law Firm specializes in representing clients in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and all of South Alabama in local, state and federal courts. Criminal defense can cover many different proceedings when the alleged is accused of violating laws and ordinances.

Why Choose The Powell Law Firm As Your Criminal Defense Attorneys

Not only do we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to create a proper defense in criminal defense proceedings, but we have been helping clients with cases like yours for 113 years in Baldwin County. Our attorneys and legal professionals have a reputation for helping many people who were in unfortunate circumstances and need representation to keep their life on track.


If you’re accussed or charged criminally, we can review your case and explain your options. It’s best to get professional help as the consequences of these charges can be life changing. Contact us and learn more about why we’re Baldwin County's most trusted criminal defense lawyers.

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