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Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Trusted Civil Litigation Lawyers


The Powell Law Firm specializes in representing clients in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and all of South Alabama in local, state and federal courts. Civil litigation can cover many different proceedings, but arises when one entity, person, or company sues another in civil court. 

Why Choose The Powell Law Firm As Your Civil Litigation Attorneys

Not only do we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to create a proper defense in civil suits, but we have been helping clients with cases like yours for 113 years in Baldwin County. Our attorneys and legal professionals have a reputation for being reliable, professional, and efficient when it comes to the representation of our clients and beyond. 


If you’re being sued, we can review your case and explain your options. It’s best to act quickly in a civil lawsuit, and you need the best team on your side. The Powell Law Firm is also available to help mediate civil matters as well. Contact us and learn more about why we’re Gulf Shores most trusted civil litigation lawyers.

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