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Our practice remains focused on providing experienced and effective representation for clients throughout Baldwin County, including areas of Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury and much more. 

We take pride in our broad areas of expertise and commitment to service, but if we are not the right firm for you, we can refer you to a trusted colleague who can assist you.
The Powell Law Firm, P.C. is licensed and admitted in all courts of Alabama, United States Federal Courts, etc. 

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The Powell Law Firm handles all types of cases

Business Litigation

We can help you start and protect your business dreams

A business begins with legally creating a company and filing documents. It is the first, and very highly important step, of beginning your business. We can help you with making sure the foundation your business is built on is a strong one. 
And, business is complicated, disputes arise and you need representation that can protect your business and financial interests, as well as help with collections.
We take business disputes on a fee contigent basis. We assume the risk of taking on your case and will only be paid if you win. 

We are licensed to practice within the federal court system, when it comes to federal cases, especially in the maritime and commercial fishing industry. 

Civil Litigation

Let Us Solve Your Civil Matters

Civil litigation covers a wide array of cases, anything from neighbors battling over property to evicting a tenant from a rental property. However, The Powell Law Firm has an established track record representing clients in construction, contract disputes, real estate transactions and disputes, disputes between contractors and subcontractors. 
We also have succesfully won for our clients in medical malpractice, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, car accidents, slip and fall cases, and dog bite cases. 

Family Law

Make sure your rights as a parent or family member are protected

Family law is practice area focusing on issues involving family relationships, like adoption, divorce, and child custody. 
The Powell Law Firm can represent clients in family court proceedings and also draft important legal documents such as court petitions or divorce property agreements
We also specialize in handling adoptions, custody disputes, and contempt of previous property agreements.
You owe it to yourself, your children, your future to consult
with an attorney who is proficient in all areas of family law. A free consultation will likely educate you on many issues that you did not even know were applicable in your case. Call now.

Criminal Defense

We fight for the innocent

We handle cases from misdemeanors to major crimes. From drug cases, DUI, domestic violence for vacationers and out-of-towners and locals, The Powell Law Firm can give you a solid defense against criminal charges.
Keep your freedom and prove your innocence. We have hundreds of criminal jury trials under our belt, and we can represent you as a criminal defendant well. 

Personal Injury

Recovery after an accident is costly 

Missed wages, medical bills, stress, and loss of assets are all part of being severely injured by no fault of your own. We will make sure those that are responsible will be held accountable.
A person who is injured – through no fault of their
own – is entitled, under the law, to seek compensatory and punitive damages from the person, or business entity, that caused that injury.
However, most injury cases are not “million-dollar” verdicts.
Clients in personal jury cases need an attorney what is experienced in this area of the law and honest about the projected outcome.

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