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Domestic Violence FAQ

Question: "I got arrested for Domestic Violence 3rd. What kind of punishments should I be expecting?"

Short Answer: Domestic violence charges in Alabama are serious and can have life-altering and lasting consequences.

Although domestic violence charges stem from an underlying charge (such as assault, trespass, harassment, etc.), the punishments can be much more severe.

Domestic violence 3rd is punishable in the following ways:

1. Up to one year in the county or city jail at the judge’s discretion (with a minimum sentence of 10 days if it is a second or subsequent conviction)

2. Up to a $6,000.00 fine at the judge’s discretion, plus court costs

3. A “no contact” order with the victim and their family

4. Loss of the right to own a firearm for the rest of your life. In addition to these punishments, you could lose your job, lose security clearance, etc.

If you are arrested for domestic violence, contact an attorney who is experienced and skilled in that area of Alabama law immediately.

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