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DUIs & Blowing the Breath Test

It's a question that we are asked quite often: "If I get pulled over and I have been drinking, should I blow the breath test?"

This is a hard question because there are a lot of negative consequences either way. If you refuse to blow the breath test, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended for a minimum 90 days…but if you do blow and blow 0.08 or higher, your license will be suspended for a minimum 90 days anyways. If you refuse to blow, you have a much better chance to win your case, and not be convicted. However, sometimes a refusal to blow makes it harder to negotiate with a zealous prosecutor.

Most people don’t realize that a breath test is given only to be used as evidence against you. The police will not let you go even if your test is less than the legal limit, 0.08. Studies show only 2 beers, and less hard liquor, will register more than the legal limit on a breath test. Given these things, I would recommend that you not blow any breath test unless you are 100% CERTAIN that you will pass. If you have the slightest question in your mind, REFUSE THE TEST.

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